IV-Stand Normal Care

IV-Stand Normal Care

Material: Stainless Steel

  • Effective infusion care by hanging safely IV-bottles and bags
  • Mobile use: at the right time at the right place

Material: stainless steel
Colour of plastic parts: blue
Bottle holder: stainless steel to screw in 4 safety bottle hooks – 2 kg / hook
Adjustment: single handed safety height adjustment
Regulating range: 1.350 – 2.150 mm
Length of outer tube: 1.000 mm
Base diameter: 635 mm
Base leg profile: 25 x 25 mm
Castors: twin castors Ø 50 mm,according to DIN EN 60601 electrically conductive and lockable
Total- / base weight (net): appr. 3,5 kg / 1,9 kg


  • Optimal hygienic characteristics (wipe disinfection)
  • Very easy and fast assembly through a plug in and out system with only 1 screw connection


  • All plastic parts are light-resisting
  • Castors with non-marking tread


  • Complete recyclability


  • Enough safe distance in between both tubes once the pole reached its lowest height
  • No risk of injury from the rounded shape of the hook
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