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One Stop Shop for All Your Medical Supplies in Canada

AshconMed (Division of Ashcon International Inc) is a reputable company recognized for its innovations and unparalleled distribution of medical products to the medical community. Dedicated to strengthening the network of physicians through ingenious ideas and meritorious service, the company works hand in hand with professional health care providers in delivering innovative healthcare to all and sundry. At Ashconmed, every client is a priority, and we hold ourselves up to the standard afforded by professional ethics and conduct. We pride ourselves on years of experience and expertise in delivering quality products and services to healthcare facilities around Canada, thanks to our ever efficient, licensed and trusted team.

We are driven by the vision of providing valuable healthcare services to patients, and so we carefully select only the best of all healthcare products and services. Our standard remains uncompromised and our age-long success speaks for us.

Why AshconMed?

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Technology evolves, so do we. At AshconMed, we strive to stay abreast of all the developments in the medical world through the use of cutting edge technology.At AshconMed, we ensure continuous improvement. We do this by following the trend, and with an in-depth knowledge of how the market works, we find it very easy to navigate our ways right through the new solutions and to introduce it into our supplies. We also do this, recommending an upgrade in the types of machines and medical equipment used by health care providers, raising the bar to match high and modern standards.


Product Excellence

We remain second to none, and we continually strive for excellence all to ensure that our products meet up with standard practice and regulations. At AshconMed, we deliver only topnotch, quality, and standard products and services across Canada. We understand the market better than all other suppliers. Talk about the dynamics of demand and supply of medical products, we are tested and trusted. We boast of groundbreaking records with licensed and reputable partners across the globe. We also guarantee 100% client satisfaction with every product.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

We hold our customers in high esteem, and their satisfaction is our utmost priority. We guide you through every requirement and we bear all the burden. We ensure every client accommodating services that create a seamless buyer experience and make sure you are satisfied with the equipment and products we deliver. Our customers are notified of the latest updates, ensuring that they get first-hand information on the best products available at every point in time.


Certified Experts

We have a team of professionals with decades of experience in the medical field. We understand the intricacies of the system and tailor our expertise into getting outstanding results in every of our product. We are certified to be distributors of healthcare equipment and products, and we have been in this service for a long time. We work with accredited partners alone and keep our business professional.


Innovative Solutions

We are a team of experts who believe in innovative ideas and solutions. We employ the use of modern facilities with a powerful team of brilliant experts, working as a team to ensure that standard and quality are never compromised. Our system of delivery stands out of the pack, thus blazing the trail in the medical world for others to follow.

Cost-effective Pricing

Cost-effective Pricing

Our prices are unbeatable as we offer our products at the lowest possible cost while maintaining the standard and quality. We care more about quality over cost, and as such, we ensure our customers are satisfied and can afford our quality products and services.

When you need top-quality medical supplies in Canada, trust the name that healthcare providers have been turning to for years. At AshconMed, our team of licensed professionals work closely with healthcare providers to help them access the medical products and equipment they need to ensure that their facilities are fully stocked and prepared for anything. With healthcare being such a dynamic and fast-paced field, we know how important it is to be able to order and receive the necessary medical supplies to ensure staff, nurses and doctors are safe while providing a quality level of care to every patient.

With our online platform, we make it easy to find the items you’re looking for, whether it’s minor gear like scrubs, gowns, contactless thermometers, and batteries or more substantial equipment like IV poles, carts and stretchers – whatever you’re in search of, we are your go-to resource for all medical supplies.

When it comes to the healthcare industry, having premium quality medical supplies is imperative for delivering the best-in-class care and treatments. That’s why we only partner with the leading, reputable manufacturers across the globe that align with our own high set of standards. From AccuVein to Unikmed to Provita, AlphaSource Inc. and more, you’ll find only the best steadfast names that industry professionals know and trust.

We also carry a range of different items so no matter which unique sector of the medical field you’re in, sourcing the right materials is simple and hassle-free.

Our certified team of experts have years of experience in the medical field, which means they thoroughly understand the intricacies, challenges and needs that are entwined within the healthcare industry. With both our accredited partners and professional team working hand in hand to deliver the repertoire of medical products, you can rest assured that quality will never be compromised over quantity.

Keeping our customers happy is a priority for us too, so from the moment you contact us up until the items are received, you can expect courteous and accountable service that you can rely on to assist with streamlining the entire process. Also, we don’t believe on gouging when it comes to pricing. All of the products we provide are at the lowest price possible so that medical professionals can easily stock and supply without digging deeper into their budget.

Get the innovative solutions, exceptional service and quality medical supplies that you’re looking for by contacting us today to get started with your ordering process.


Quality Over Cost, Healthy Equipment; Healthy Life

AshconMed is dedicated to providing medical solutions in every field of health. Our products are vetted and certified by our team of specialists and experts. We offer the best services only, while also providing our clients the right enlightenment required in handling healthcare products.

We partner with clinics and other healthcare facilities in delivering customized services and solutions. The process of ordering and delivering is hassle-free for our customers, while also providing quality products at cost-effective prices.

The Best in Technology

BiliCareTM is capable of working with or without disposable tip cover. LEDs do not require calibration, minimizing maintenance and cost associated with service. Long lasting, rechargeable battery with cradle allows extended use and ease of recharging. Unique software that displays the results in tables and graphs. These may be printed and exported.



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