Eko Devices

Eko-DevicesEko brings together advanced stethoscopes, patient and provider software, and AI-powered analysis—elevating the way we detect and monitor cardiovascular disease. Through this unified platform, our mission is to help clinicians drive the next evolution in cardiac care.

EKO proudly showcases brilliance in practice. As such, it presents one of its brilliant innovations, DUO, a medical facility which specializes in combining digital stethoscope and the ECG technology.

EKO is a company well known in the cardiology section of the medical niche when it comes to combining machine language in offering digital solutions to cardiac challenges. EKO specializes in the use of cardiovascular screening devices, care coordination software, as well as the interpretation of algorithms necessary to monitor the progress of cardiac problems, thereby ensuring perfect solutions.

They have several innovative technology breakthroughs, one of which is the well-known “CORE,” an FDA-approved smart stethoscope and software used by over 1000 clinicians all over the world.

EKO is ensuring the medical field advances daily by contributing massively to the expansion and digital growth of the cardiac specialty.

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