Provita Medical

Provita MedicalSince 40 years, the name provita stands out for technical medical products “Made in Germany”. An intensive and total trustful cooperation with distributors, architects as well as hospitals have enabled the development and manufacturing of innovative products and solutions – for all the different customized application areas.

Throughout last year, Provita has also made a name of itself as provider for customized and personalized accessory products. Large investments in machinery and constructions, as well as state of the art CNC-Laser Tube and the newest CNC turning and milling centre, make it possible to accomplish and be flexible to the most specified customer’s requirements, and all that at low cost production. And it is because of this reason that many well-known manufacturers of medical products, as well as consultants and hospitals trust the high quality and reliability of the provita products.

When it comes to developing pocket-friendly, high-end medical products and services, designed to deliver the best solution, then Provita easily comes to mind. Provita is a leading company that has been popular over the last couple of years for “Made in Germany” customized gadgets both in the medical and construction world.

They are well-known for development of state of the art solutions and accessories, specially designed for the particular medical or architectural problem. Some of their greatest contributions to medicine include the development of classic CNC laser tube as well as the newest CNC turning and milling center.

Provita is a preferred company by many physicians and clinics because they offer the best solutions at a very low cost.

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