Mac Medical

MACMEDICALMAC Medical, Inc. concentrates in manufacturing top quality medical equipment including Warming Cabinets, Sinks, Tables, Casework, Case Carts, IV Stands, Mayo Stands, Linen Hampers, and many other stainless steel products.
Over the past 20 years, MAC Medical has grown to more than 120 full-time employees operating in a 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility and 8,200 square foot corporate office. Both facilities are located in Southern Illinois making this an ideal place for centralized distribution to the entire United States. Not limited to the United States, MAC Medical has product in over 20 countries worldwide.
Founded as a solutions-based company, MAC Medical still maintains that as its core competency. With no project too large or too small, MAC Medical is committed to providing solutions for customer needs with its service and American made products.

MAC medical is a solution-based company known for its diversity in the production of solutions in the medical field. It is centrally located in the USA, the very location of product manufacture and distribution. With over 20 years of experience, they are known for developing the best warming cabinets, sinks, tables, casework, case carts, IV stands, Mayo stands, Linen Hamper as well as many other stainless-steel products.

They work from a 100,000 feet manufacturing facility in Southern Illinois with over 120 competent workers who are dedicated to delivering the best job within the shortest possible time. They not only supply the U.S. as they have a closely knit network extending as far as 20 countries across the globe.

MAC medical do not consider any job as too big or too small, they only focus on customer satisfaction, and they do this with unwavering competence and commitment.

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