Blanket / Fluid Warmers

Our blanket warmers come in various sizes and compartments designed to deliver optimum solutions to patients. They can be used to warm blankets, intravenous and injection fluids, irrigation solutions, and all such compatible materials for warming.

Our fluid warmers are designed to deliver the specific temperature; thanks to its regulators. As such, crystalloids, colloids, blood products, and all other fluids can be perfectly set to a particular temperature suitable for use by our fluid warmers. There are varieties to choose from depending on your specifications.

  • D – Series Data logging: From the stables of MAC medical, this product is a user-friendly digitally controlled temperature regulator. It is designed to make temperature control easier by using simple plug and play data download with no additional software needed.
  • Glass Door Case Cart: This cart is specially designed to make viewing of the cart content easier with high-temperature resistance feature.
  • T.S.- Series Touchscreen: A standout technological device that makes operation easier due to the incorporation of the Ethernet component. This makes it possible to be able to control the equipment both locally and remotely.

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