D-Series Data Logging

D-Series Data Logging

The Next Generation Of Warming Cabinets

  • “Easy Log” integrated data logger with removable USB
  • Keyed temperature lock out
  • Keyed door lock for single & upper chamber units
  • Adjustable feet
  • Automatically records data every 30 minutes
  • Internal storage up to 2 years
  • Displays actual temperature and set points at all times
  • Independent digitally controlled heating chambers
  • Rapid warm time (2-6 hours depending on load)
  • Push button digital operation
  • Large digital display
  • Fully insulated to provide uniform heating
  • Audible & visual over-temp alarm


  • CuVerro ® antimicrobial copper alloy handle
  • Full view glass door
  • Left hand door hinge
  • Mobile base, cabinet, or stand
  • 220/240V power supply
  • Celsius
  • Two (2) recessed unit options
  • Seismic braces
  • Roll out basket with cool touch handle
  • Pass through chamber
  • Electronic keypad lock
  • Sloping top
  • Keyed door lock for intermediate & lower chamber units
  • Custom sizes available

The D-Series (Data Logging) Blanket & Fluid Warming Cabinets provide independent, digitally controlled heating chambers that offer actual temperature and set point displays. Data is recorded every 30 minutes and stored for up to two years. Choose from single, dual, or triple chamber units.

Example 1: Model # DWC243074E, Stainless Steel Door, Right Hinge, 4″ Base,
Celsius, Lower Chamber Door Lock = Order Model # DWC243074E-4B-C-LDL

Example 2: Model # SWC182464, Glass Door, Left Hinge, Sloping Top,
Mobile Base = Order Model # SWC182464-G-LH-ST-MB

Additional sizes available for specific requirements, please contact us for further assistance

Note: Model # will change based on features added

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