Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer

Health Canada MDL #100769

second reading
Infrared Thermometer measures the body temperature based on the infrared energy emitted from the forehead.Users can quickly get measurement results after positioning properly the temperature probe at forehead.

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Professional Accuracy

10s Auto Shut Off

Hygienic Non-Touch

Smart Fever Alert

Silent Mode

Fever Warning

Safe & Hygienic

Multiple Use

20 Memories

Display Description


Quick Guide


Display HD LCD Display
Measuring Range & Accuracy Forehead mode: 35-42.2°C ± 0.2°C / 95-108.0°F ± 0.4°F
Object mode: 0-100.0°C ± 1.0°C / 32-212.0°F ± 2.0°F
Memory Storage 20 sets of Measurement data
Temperature units °C/°F adjustable
Automatic Shutdown Function 10s ± 1s
Battery AAA X 2
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