EKO Core Digital Stethoscope

EKO Core Digital Stethoscope


An Acoustic + Electronic Stethoscope.
The Best of Both Worlds.

The Eko CORE delivers loud, clear heart and lung sounds with simple software support when you need it.

Acoustic / Digital Stethoscope

40x Sound Amplification

Pairs With Free Eko App

Wireless Bluetooth LE

9-hour Battery Life

HIPAA Compliant Software

EKO Core Digital Stethoscope

Software – iOS, Android & Windows
View it
View heart sound waveforms and heart rate in real-time.

Record it
Capture 15, 30, 60, or 120 second recordings for playback or storage.

Save it
Save heart or lung sound recording and annotations in Eko’s secure dashboard.

Share it
Share recordings with colleagues for a second opinion or livestream cardiology-grade sounds with a telemedicine license.

Analyze it (Coming Soon)
Analyze cardiac sounds for murmurs, AFib, and other signs of heart disease.

Eko CORE Digital Stethosope

The Eko CORE Digital Attachment is compatible with most 3M Littmann,
ADC, WelchAllyn Harvey, and Medline analog stethoscopes.

Eko CORE Digital Attachment

Certifications & Licences

Advancing cardiac care at over 1,000 institutions worldwide

Share stethoscope sounds with remote clinicians using Eko’s real-time telemed-icine livestream and store-and-forward software. CORE works alongside video conferencing apps, with telemedicine carts, and remote care kits.

Use Eko in the classroom as an intuitive solution for auscultation instruction. Eko is the only tool that empowers medical schools to build and maintain a cloud-based database of recorded and annotated heart sounds using mobile devices.

Hearing Support
Use CORE’s 40x amplification to hear even the faintest murmurs. Or playback pre-recorded sounds through your Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids.

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