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Looking for medical supplies in Edmonton? Get the top-quality items you need delivered right to your location with fast, efficient and professional service. We carry a wide range of the latest medical gear and essentials to keep your clinic or medical facility fully stocked at all times. From disposable face masks to gowns, IV poles, carts, stretchers, lamps and even batteries – we are your one-stop-shop for all of your medical supply needs, from coast to coast across Canada.

When it comes to any type of medical product, high-grade quality is essential for providing patients with the safest and best care possible. That’s why we partner with leading and reputable manufacturers that align with our quality standards to offer premium products for the healthcare industry. We carry a range of different items, both big and small, so that our customers can find the materials required to suit their unique needs and segment within the medical field.

As an industry that is incredibly fast-paced and constantly evolving, we know that it’s imperative to be able to find, order, and receive the items you need to keep your facilities fully stocked and prepared, on-demand. That’s why our team of licensed professionals work closely with our clients to help streamline their orders, improve the efficiency of their cost management processes, and help to improve the overall clinical outcomes with enhanced patient care.

All types of medical supplies, from the basic gowns and contactless thermometers to the carts, scrubs and lamps, are essential parts of the degree of care that nurses and doctors provide. Without them, medical facilities simply would not be able to treat patients safely or effectively. With our easy online format, you can source exactly what you need with 100% satisfaction, guaranteed.

At AshconMed, we also believe that fair pricing is important, and that quality should never be compromised for price. With our tailored inventory, you’ll get the lowest prices possible for the best-in-class quality. And if you’re looking for recommendations or upgrades, we can assist you with that too.

When you need to stock up on medical supplies in Edmonton, trust the name that healthcare providers have turned to for years in Canada. With our customer and quality-focused approach, you can feel confident that you’ll receive premium products with expedited delivery so that your facility can continue to provide a superior level of care and treatment for your patients.

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